INT teams with Saddleback Geosolutions on seismics

Platform-independent imaging solutions address gaps in current geoscience workflows.

INT and Saddleback Geosolutions are teaming on a suite of platform-independent scientific computing plug-ins for INTViewer, INT’s development platform for seismic analysis and data QC. The plug-ins will provide interoperability with leading third-party tools, targeting ‘gaps’ in current geoscience workflows. First release candidates are due out later this year with two plug-ins currently being tested by key clients.

The Seismic Workbench plug-in is a workflow builder that integrates popular open source seismic processing packages such as Seismic Un*x, FreeUSP and Madagascar. Other plug-ins offer a Java NetBeans integrated development environment, shell-scripting and a Matlab interface.

The Matlab plug-in is claimed to be an ‘indispensible tool’ for geoscience researchers allowing data in an INTViewer workflow to be manipulated inside Matlab for interactive algorithm development and custom processing. INTViewer includes data readers and writers for most all data formats, including SEGY, SEGD, SEG2, SU, SEPlib, RSF, JavaSeis, SVF, CST, LAS, and others. INT’s own seismic indexing capability adds rapid access to ultra-large data-sets. More from INT and Saddleback.

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