Stone Bond’s IIMD monitors and assures network traffic quality

Integration integrity manager device embeds patented technology in hardware appliance.

Stone Bond has announced the ‘Integration Integrity Manager Device’ (IIMD), a hardware appliance that sits in a data network, monitoring traffic integrity. The IIMD appliance embeds Stone Bond’s previously released Integration Integrity Manager, whose technology is covered by US patent 7065746.

The IIMD monitors network traffic checking against defined formats and data schemas and signals any data issues to developers, database architects and network administrators. The device catches changes in data structure and additions or omissions from the target schema. Stone Bond CTO Pamela Szabo said, ‘Integrated environments involve complex interdependencies. IIMD assures data integrity and offers agility in the face of changing infrastructure.’

When a change in a data source is detected, the IIMD alerts stakeholders and notifies them of what needs to be done to fix the issue and prevent ‘potentially catastrophic impact.’ Corrections can be applied immediately on site or in a cloud environment. The IIMD operates either stand alone in any networked data environment or as a component of Stone Bond’s Enterprise Enabler solution where it can leverage components to create and manage metadata and to access and monitor hundreds of types of data sources and destinations. More from Stone Bond.

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