Oracle’s industry scorecard for big data

Survey of 300 North American execs find oil and gas laggard in data management stakes.

A new study from Oracle provides an ‘industry scorecard’ on big data business challenges, based on a survey of over 300 North American executives. The report is replete with ‘FUD*,’ finding that ‘big data,’ while poorly understood, is perceived as a real threat. Captivating statistics abound—e.g. 93% of executives believe that poor data management is losing them an average of 14% of revenue per year! Oil and gas ‘loses’ most.

Oracle’s study would make a great starting point for those embarking on a data improvement project. In particular, its list of the biggest data management gripes will resonate with many. But it is hard to see what is in it for Oracle, whose omnipresence would seem to make it at least part of the problem.

One solution described in the study came from an oil and gas CIO who has ‘tripled storage capacity in the last month.’ Others are hiring, some are outsourcing. One is trying to ‘figure out how to get different systems to talk to each other.’ Sounds like there is no quick fix—just more of the same. Or maybe Oracle has some Hadoop up its sleeve—see page 3. Download the study here.

* Fear uncertainty and doubt.

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