Siemens—multi disciplinary approach to compliance

New ‘Siemens in a box’ offering addresses oil and gas knowledge management.

Anil Gokhale, general manager of Siemens’ oil and gas consulting unit, which was formed when Siemens acquired Houston-based Benwanger in 2006, was interviewed by Siemens’s in-house ‘Venture’ magazine this month.

Following the Macondo incident, everyone is concerned about process safety. There are engineering issues that must be dealt with and a host of new regulations involving many different disciplines. Enter ‘Siemens in a Box,’ a combination of different parts of the Siemens organization that helps customers address the new regulatory concerns.

Siemens process safety experts are recognized by the regulator. According to Gokhale, Siemens experts are called on frequently by the regulatory agencies for standards-setting advice. Finally, Siemens has patented its ‘risk-based’ methodology that, it claims, assures a long-term solution rather than a quick fix. The services extend to ‘conceptual engineering’ of new developments, ‘telling clients how much money can be earned by exploiting a new find and what facilities are needed to maximize recovery.’ More from Venture magazine.

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