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Geomodeling Technology’s 7.3 release of AttributeStudio adds new features for fractured reservoir characterization from AVAZ, VVAZ, curvature and other directional attributes.

The ESRI/Cutting Edge data appliance for ArcGIS comes in Linux and Windows flavors and offers a secure, in-house equivalent to ArcGIS Online. The hardware bundle includes imagery and vector data that can be augmented with proprietary content.

GE’s ProficySCADA suite is now available on the Apple iPad—providing mobile workers with a window into the control room.

The 5.9 release of Kepware’s KEPServerEX offers upstream oil and gas ‘affordable’ support for electronic flow measurement. Kepware interfaces with Flow-Cal and PGAS for custody transfer and includes a WITS Level 0 OPC server for real-time drilling data4.

Kongsberg Oil & Gas TechnologiesSiteCom 9.3 introduces a new Discovery Mobile module feeding real time drilling data to the iPad and, real soon now, other mobile devices.

Express Loader from New Century Software provides bulk data loading to a PODS database.

A new hybrid wellhead outlet from AnTech provides fibre, electric and hydraulic connectivity for high pressure, high temperature wells. The Type-C4 is designed for use in permanent completions.

Onset Computer’s Hobo data loggers are used to gather baseline water quality data for natural gas fracking operations.

The 4.4 release of dGB’s OpendTect includes new seismic net pay and seismic feature enhancement plug-ins from Ark CLS. CLAS, a new module from Geoinfo offers open hole log analysis, ‘integrating petrophysics and geophysics.’

Petrosys V17.2 introduces a new ‘Exchange’ feature for data transfer between third part systems. Transferred objects can be renamed en route and jobs saved for subsequent replay.

Caesar SystemsPetroVR 2012 offers improved visual analytics, easier update deployment and more flexible time-based display and data merge.

The 5.9 release of Software Toolbox’s TOP Server introduces electronic flow measurement, better diagnostics and new midstream functionality. TOP Server is powered by Kepware (see above).

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