Nvidia ‘virtualizes’ the GPU

Single PCI Express card provisions 100 ‘BYOD’ users with high-end graphics workstation experience.

Nvidia’s VGX allows IT managers to virtualize the desktop, moving graphics and GPU processing into the data center. Users can access a ‘true cloud PC’ from any device, laptop, tablet or smartphone, regardless of its operating system, and run any PC-based application. VGX’ low latency remote display capability makes it suitable for users of 3D design and simulation tools, ‘previously considered too intensive for a virtualized desktop.’ The solution provides ‘BYOD’ (bring your own device) workers with the same functionality as a traditional desktop. The system is said to reduce IT spend, improve data security and minimize data center complexity.

The first VGX board is equipped with four GPUs and 16 GB of memory, and has a PCI Express interface. GPU virtualization runs under control of the GPU hypervisor. User selectable machines allows enterprises to configure the graphics capabilities delivered to individual users—from a PC to a professional 3D design and engineering desktop with Nvidia Quadro or NVS GPUs. Up to 100 users can be served from a single VGX board. More from Nvidia.

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