Fuse rolls-out seismic data ‘appliance’

No wheels on this VMWare/EC Cloud image-based data management solution.

FUSE IM’s XSeis seismic data management system (Oil ITJ October 2010) saw its commercial launch at the EAGE this month. XSeis is now described as a ‘web-based seismic appliance.’ But this does not mean that it is necessarily a hardware and software bundle (as Fuse and Teradata showed at last year’s ECIM—Oil ITJ September 2011).

Fuse MD David Holmes told Oil IT Journal, ‘For us, an appliance is deliverable as a VMWare or Amazon EC Cloud image that is ready for deployment. The approach contrasts with the deployment of, say, an Oracle-based application which may take days or weeks to customize to its environment.’ XSeis is a component of Fuse’s XStreamline data management platform.

Users can browse data stored in third party seismic data products from a map or tabular interface, select and load to applications. Initial XStreamline data adaptors are available for OpenSpirit, Teradata EDW and Westheimer’s ISDS. Further XDAs for OpenWorks R5000, ArcGIS Server and PPDM are in development. An XSeis for Petrel is available for browsing and loading datasets to Petrel projects. An XSeis plug-in for Landmark’s DecisionSpace Desktop from is also under development.

According to Fuse CTO Jamie Cruise, XSeis represents a ‘new class of cloud-based applications.’ The technology delivers the capabilities that petrotechnical desktop users need without the ‘cost, drudgery, and delay of traditional data management.’ More from Fuse.

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