Seismic novelties abound at EAGE

ION’s Calypso seabed seismics. Sercel’s new Sentinel. Schlumberger’s IsoMetrix MEMS system.

ION Geophysical just ‘launched’ its Calypso next generation seismic acquisition system which immediately sank. But this was OK because it is a seabed system! Calypso includes multicomponent VectorSeis broadband digital sensors and a 2,000 meter water depth capability. Ion reports that the worldwide seabed seismic has grown over 250% in the last five years, with $300 million in contracts awarded in Q1 2012 alone. More from ION.

CGGVeritas unit Sercel unveiled its Sentinel RD solid streamer. Sercel has sold over 4,000 km of streamers to 60 seismic vessels worldwide since its introduction in 2005. The new system claims a 15 % weight reduction and reduced cable drag. More from CGGVeritas.

Schlumberger’s new IsoMetrix cable uses multicomponent micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) accelerometers to interpolate the pressure wave field between streamers. The technology is claimed to remove spatial aliasing induced by current survey geometries that sample the wave field at a much coarser (50m) interval between streamers than along them (3m).

The Nessie-6 system uses a ‘generalized matching pursuit’ algorithm to reconstitute the wave field from cross line and vertical measurement of the up and down going wave fields. A reconstructed dataset at a regular 6 x 6 meter sample interval is claimed. The huge multi component data sets (as much as 70 times more than conventional high res data) is delivered on 4 terabyte capacity IBM 3592 cartridges. More from WesternGeco.

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