Waterfall’s ‘unidirectional’ comms gateway at two upstream assets

Read-only link to process control network claimed to eliminate hacking.

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Waterfall Security Solutions, in collaboration with Houston-headquartered W-Industries have installed Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateways (USG) at two facilities of an unnamed ‘large oil and gas exploration and production company’ at one onshore facility and on an offshore platform.

Waterfall ‘s USG links industrial control systems to the business network via a secure unidirectional communications that minimizes the risk of data interception with a laser and photocell combination.

The USG allows the control system’s server to be replicated in the business environment, but makes it impossible to write back and hack the control system. Real time data is available to users on the business network while eliminating the risk of a cyber-attack affecting the facility. Users include production engineers and operations personnel involved in monitoring and optimizing production.

Waterfall claims that its systems reduce management and monitoring costs over conventional firewalls and eliminate safety breaches due to errors and omissions when configuring a firewall. More from Waterfall and W-Industries.

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