Heterogeneous parallel processing solutions for oil and gas Industry

‘Sheaf’ abstract data model from Limit Point Systems bundled with MBA Sciences’ primitives.

Limit Point Systems and MBA Sciences have teamed to offer oil and gas clients a novel approach to parallelizing data and computing for exploration and production workflows. LPS’ ‘sheaf’ data model will be marketed along with MBA Sciences’ parallel programming toolset for applications such as seismic modelling and numerical simulation.

LPS’ sheath is an abstract representation of gridded and or time variant data that is claimed to offer orders of magnitudes of speedup when translating data between different gridding schemas. One use case might be mapping between the rectangular grids of reservoir simulators and the tetrahedral meshes of geomechanical packages. Such compute-intense transforms can benefit from the parallelization offered by multi-core servers and GPU-based devices.

LPS CEO David Butler said, ‘By combining our expertise in representing and mapping meshes with MBA Sciences’ heterogeneous parallel processing, we can increase the speed and accuracy of geoscientists’ numerical models.’ More from d.m.butler@limitpoint.com.

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