‘Mangrove’ frac package announced

Schlumberger’s Well Services unit offers Petrel-based software and services to clients.

Schlumberger’s Well Services (SWS) unit has released ‘Mangrove,’ an ‘industry-first’ integrated completion and stimulation design plug-in for its flagship Petrel geoscience platform. Mangrove models completions and hydraulic fracturing activity in the context of Petrel shared earth model.

SWS VP Salvador Ayala said, ‘Developing unconventional reservoirs has been a challenge with a purely geometrical approach to staging and perforation placement and with empirical fracture treatment design. Mangrove applies a scientific approach that uses all the available data to complete the most productive parts of the reservoir.’

Mangrove includes a Completion Advisor for perforation picking and staging and predictive complex hydraulic fracture as well as conventional planar fracture models. The Completion Advisor helped one Marcellus operator optimize staging and perforation design and resulted in a 50% hike in production in one well by ‘eliminating screenouts.’ Mangrove does not appear to be available on the Petrel/Ocean store. The combined software and services offering is currently only provided through Schlumberger engineering services.

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