Digital seals and signatures

Fiatech publishes white paper on digital signing of engineering documents.

Fiatech has just published a 43 page white paper titled, ‘A practical strategy for digital signatures and seals in electronic AEC* processes.’ Digital signature technology is a key element of business process automation and will solve many problems associated with current ‘wet-signing.’

The cost of current ‘wet-signing’ is put at around $80 per document and a projects may contain thousands of documents. Psychological barriers to the adoption of digital processes are evaluated and the merits of digital duly vaunted. The bulk of the white paper is a high-level ‘how to’ guide to implementing digital signatures—with discussions of PKI/RSA techniques and their approval by standards bodies. Help is offered navigating the standards smorgasbord of Digital Signature Standard (DSS), Secure Hash Standard (SHS), Identity Certificate Standard (X.509 v3) and more. NIST FIPS PUB 180-3 provides visual evidence of tampering. A discussion of APIs and commercial signing software is included.

Fiatech’s digital signature work dovetails with AutoCodes for checking of building information models (BIM). Autocodes and BIM appear to exist in a parallel world to oil and gas industry construction standardization efforts centered on ISO 15926.

* Architecture engineering construction.

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