AspenTech wins process patent tussle. M3 to appeal judgment.

M3 Technology ordered to cease marketing software components.

The US Court for the Southern District of Texas this month issued a ‘final judgment and permanent injunction’ in favor of AspenTech in its trade secret misappropriation and copyright infringement action against M3 Technology. The injunction prohibits M3 Technology from using, marketing or offering for sale or license certain of its ‘SIMTO’ Scheduling and M-Blend tools for asset planning, process scheduling and optimization. M3 Technology was ordered to pay AspenTech $11 million in damages. The following day, M3 filed an appeal. Brian Wunder, lead trial counsel for M3 Technology said, ‘The judgment is based on a flawed and contradictory jury verdict that is at odds with both the facts of the case and the relevant law. M3 Technology will take all steps necessary in order to overturn the unjust jury verdict and judgment.’ More from AspenTech and M3 Technology.

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