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Ikon, ffA, Paradigm, Hampson-Russell, Geovariances, Petris, Honeywell, ExxonMobil, Azbil, Wellstorm.

Ikon Science’s RokDocQED (V6) adds geomechanical calculators for 3D pressure volumes used in well planning and new rock physics-driven inversion modules. A customizable workflow manager guides geoscience teams and non-expert users. Links to Petrel have been developed in native Ocean code.

ffA’s GeoTeric geological image processing package has been certified to run on Nvidia Maximus-powered workstations, a combination of Quadro and Tesla units.

Paradigm’s Geolog 7 includes ‘Determin,’ a suite of deterministic calculation modules ‘Multimin’ statistics for mineral and fluid characterization from logs and core data. Other enhancements cover electrofacies analysis, vendor-independent processing of borehole image logs and aids to hydraulic fracture placement.

Hampson-Russell’s HRS-9 introduces a streamlined, dashboard front end to all previous functionality, centralizing the well database and project directories. Customizable, preloaded workflows, spanning legacy applications offer a ‘solutions-based approach’ to reservoir characterization. Multi-threaded 64-bit computing speeds batch processing.

GeovariancesIsatis 2012 adds automatic fitting of complex experimental variograms, advanced alluvial deposits modeling with Flumy and Reprise Software’s RLM license management system.

PetrisWINDS Enterprise now has a Petrel plug-in that allows Petrel users to access digital well log data, stored in their various application data stores, through one unified search without leaving the Petrel environment. Data stores include Techlog, Interactive Petrophysics, OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Geolog and Recall.

Honeywell’s new Experion process knowledge system, Orion, targets cost reduction at refineries, offshore oil and gas platforms and chemical plants by speeding installation time for controls and safety systems. Orion accommodates late design changes through a configuration manager. Virtualization technology reduces costs by simplifying management and reducing the amount of hardware required onsite.

ExxonMobil has released a free app for the iPad displaying ExxonMobil news, blog posts, stock price, videos and publications . An enhanced, interactive version of the Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040 is available.

Azbil has announced GasCVD a high accuracy, lightweight natural gas calorimeter.

Wellstorm has released its LAS to WITSML converter as open source software under an Apache 2 license.

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