AGR Solutions rolls out ‘P1’ probabilistic drill planner

Field testing leads to productized well planner. Riserless drilling achieves 500 well milestone.

Norway-based AGR Solutions Systems’ ‘probabilistic’ well planning tool, P1, has been extended with a ‘live’ project cost tracking module and a materials management option. The new components have undergone extensive internal testing prior to their introduction to AGR’s external markets.

AGR also reports that some 500 wells have now been drilled using its enhanced drilling solutions’ technologies, the cutting transportation (CTS) and riserless mud recovery (RMR) systems. The proprietary technologies use a subsea pump to assure closed-loop drilling mud circulation during the drilling of the top-hole. The systems avoid ‘pump-and-dump’ drilling, ensuring zero discharge to the environment.

RMR is used in managed pressure drilling applications in extra deep water environments to isolate the well from the pressure regime in the riser. RMR technology was used, along with casing while drilling, to set a recent world record in a deepwater well drilled by Woodside Australia.

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