Kongsberg simulates Superior’s multi-vessel operations

Marine and subsurface operations simulator prepares Alaskan workforce for complex scenarios.

Houston-based drilling service provider Superior Energy Services has taken delivery of an advanced maritime training simulator to be deployed at its new Anchorage, Alaska facility. The simulator, supplied by Kongsberg Maritime, provides ‘full mission’ training for critical operations such as ship bridge maneuvering and navigation, anchor handling, ROV and crane operations, process control, containment, and controlled pumping and flaring of hydrocarbons.

The simulator supports simultaneous operations of multiple vessels and will be used to develop best practices for surface and sub-sea activities. The simulator features two service vessel bridges, with 360 degree field of view, an offshore crane simulator, and a ‘DeepWorks’ ROV simulator from Fugro Subsea Services. A process simulator supplied by Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies can be used for further operator training, control system checkout and for simulating multi-phase flow production operations.

Superior’s working relationship with Shell Offshore was a primary motivator in establishing this state-of-the-art facility. Superior’s Captain Scott Powell observed, ‘We believe in ensuring our people are as prepared and properly trained as possible. It makes sense from a safety perspective, from an environmental perspective and from a business perspective—it is simply the right thing to do.’ More from Superior and Kongsberg.

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