TeleCoil—downhole communication for coiled tubing operations

Baker Hughes device captures pressure, temperature and casing collar location.

You’ve heard of wired drill pipe (Oil ITJ December 2006), now Baker Hughes has come up with ‘TeleCoil,’ a downhole communication system for coiled tubing operations. The TeleCoil bottomhole assembly (BHA) is injected into the coiled tubing, transmitting data to the surface over a ‘nonintrusive’ conductor. The basic TeleCoil BHA includes pressure, temperature and casing collar location sensors. An optional logging adapter can be added to enable wireline logging, including third-party logging tools.

TeleCoil has been field tested in operations such as perforating, setting plugs, milling, cased-hole logging, acid stimulation through inflatable straddle packers, gas lifting, fill cleanouts, and fishing. An HSE-relevant functionality provides confirmation of discharge of perforating guns through monitoring of downhole temperature. Product line manager Jason Skufca said, ‘TeleCoil provides real-time insight into coiled tubing operation. Operators can see that downhole tools are functioning properly and that the tubing is accurately on depth for critical applications such as perforating and plug setting.’

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