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EQ-Hub’s data exchange standard. Infoweb floats ISO 15926 Part 10, ‘validation.’ International digital object identifier now ISO standard. ISO/DIS 19115-1 Energy Industry Profile real soon now!

Norwegian e-business initiative EQ-Hub has published its data exchange standards, a 13 page document that leverages the Posc Caesar Association’s ISO 15926 standardization process and technology from ShareCat.

Infoweb has published a position paper floating a proposed Part 10 for the ISO 15926 plant data standard. Part 10 addresses validation of Part 9 files prior loading and ‘target-side’ validation to check if newly-loaded information is in conflict with information already stored in a Façade or in a ‘confederation of participating façades.’

The International DOI Foundation’s digital object identifier (DOI) is now an ISO standard (ISO 26324:2012). DOI is a unique object identifier for use on digital networks, a means of identifying a physical, digital or abstract entity over the Internet and for sharing same with a user community or managing it as intellectual property. 60 million DOI names have been assigned to date by a federation of registration agencies.

V1.0 of the Energistics’ ISO/DIS 19115-1 Energy Industry Profile (EIP) is targeted for release in Q2 this year. This standard is a profile of, and is intended as a metadata specification supporting the discovery, evaluation, and retrieval of information (and physical) resources of interest to the Energy Industry. Speaking at the ESRI PUG, Chevron’s Scott Hills and Steve Richard of the USGS described initial focus as on ‘structured and unstructured information with associated spatial coordinates.’ The vision is for seamless transfer of geo-referenced data fed into applications that auto-populate metadata. Active participants include the AAPG, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, IHS , Oracle, P2ES and many more. Flagship project is the USGIN Project, a joint effort between the USGS and all 51 states.

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