TGS bags Volant

Acquisition of Volant Solutions promises tight integration of vendor data products with geoscience data integration tools EnerConnect and Envoy.

TGS has acquired all the outstanding shares of Volant Solutions. The six employees of the Houston–based software house provide data integration solutions to E&P companies. Senior VP of TGS’ geological products division, John Adamick stated, ‘Volant helps clients connect different types of well data to multiple geoscience applications with the Ener-Connect and Envoy solutions. This deal will allow TGS to grow Volant’s business and at the same time will enhance the connectivity of TGS well data sets.’

Volant CEO Scott Schneider added, ‘We will be working with TGS to integrate its suite of data products with our technology and provide customers with efficient access to TGS’ data products from their interpretation processes. So far we have lacked the key ingredient of tight integration with vendor data.’ Referring to multiple recent partnerings, Schneider told Oil IT Journal, ‘Our existing partnerships, all are still very much in play. TGS fully expects Volant to continue development of integration solution that is leveraged into partnerships with Neuralog, EnergyIQ, Halliburton, IHS Energy, Paradigm and Perigon Solutions.’ More from

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