Logica productizes StreamInsight accelerator for oil and gas

Logica productizes complex event processing—targeting speedy analysis of offshore real time data.

Logica has productized its upstream ‘accelerator’ for Microsoft’s StreamInsight, a complex event processing module in SQL Server. Logica’s accelerators enable rapid development of real-time analytics across diverse data sources and destinations. Real time data streams are read and processed ‘in-stream’ rather than post-storage, accelerating decision-making. The approach is claimed to eliminate the latency of traditional business intelligence.

StreamInsight combined with Logica’s accelerator is claimed to reduce the time required for data cleansing, analysis and event detection to ‘milliseconds rather than hours or days.’ Joe Perino, oil and gas sector lead at Logica said, ‘We have combined our knowledge of StreamInsight technology and data-driven industries such as oil and gas into a solution that accelerates decision-making and helps clients gain a competitive advantage.’ Light weight applications built on the platform can be deployed as cloud-based services located in rugged environments such as oil platforms. The solutions ‘operate alongside’ systems such as OSIsoft PI.

Logica spokesperson Mimi Reilly told Oil IT Journal , ‘Our real-time data team has incorporated the Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture (MURA) principles into the accelerator. MURA provides guidelines for open extension points for integration with existing enterprise systems. Users can integrate real-time data sources, such as OSIsoft PI System and WITSML and build adapters for canonical data services used in their organizations.’

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