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Baker Hughes, Invensys, Eliis, Expertune, Exprodat, Geomodeling Technology, Gedco, Schlumberger, Petris, Quorum Business Solutions, Senergy, Tecplot.

Baker Hughes has released JewelSuite 2012 introducing reservoir ‘sweet spot’ and scenario analysis, Blue Marble-based geodetics, and connectivity to Baker Hughes’ MFrac hydraulic fracture simulation software.

The 5.0 release of DynSim from Invensys’ SimSci-Esscor unit includes ‘patent-pending’ code for start-up and shutdown sequencing, enhanced compressor models and multi phase flow modelling with PipePhase.

EliisPaleoScan 1.2 speeds geomodel building and enhances well and fault display and data management and adds multiple attribute methods.

A new ‘virtual classroom’ from ExperTune offers on-line training in the control and tuning of PID loops.

Exprodat has announced Team-GIS Unconventionals Analyst, an ArcGIS Desktop extension targeting shale gas/oil and coalbed methane and Team-GIS Discovery, an ArcGIS Server add-on for web-mapping applications.

Release 12.0 of Schlumberger unit Gedco’s Vista 2D/3D seismic data processing package improves data management, adds real time data display and modules for VSP, 2D refraction and sparse decon.

Geomodeling Technology’s Attribute-Studio 7.2 adds neural network analysis for reservoir property prediction and stimulated rock volume calculation from microseismic data.

Geosoft’s new Voxi cloud-based potential field inversion service generates 3D voxel models from airborne or ground gravity and magnetic data. Voxi is a component of Geosoft’s 2012 release.

Schlumberger has added a shale sweet spot plug-in to the Petrel/Ocean store. The app combines reservoir indicators, surface constraints, well and field planning for shale gas, SAGD well pairs, and radial wells drilling.

The 8.1 release of Petris Winds Enterprise adds Windows 2008 Server R2 and Red Hat Linux 5.5 support and can be deployed on SQL Server 2008, Oracle and Esri ArcGIS—1110.

Quorum Business SolutionsPGAS 9.0 and TechTools 5.0 releases enhance meter configuration data capture and calibration and extends flow measurement capabilities and QC—1111.

The 4.1 release of Senergy’s Interactive Petrophysics adds nDPredictor for porosity and water saturation predictions while drilling, SandPIT 3D for sandstone reservoir rock failure prediction and a total organic content module.

Tecplot RS 2012 allows up to four different grid solutions to be synchronized in time and space and animated. CMG data loading has been improved.

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