Roxar rolls-out RMS 2012

Added seismic inversion, conditioned ‘facies probability cubes’ and planning for ‘factory’ drilling.

Emerson Process Management has launched Roxar RMS 2012, the latest release of its reservoir modeling solution. RMS 2012 continues to extend modeling into the geophysical domain with a new modeling workflow including seismic interpretation, reservoir simulation, reservoir behavior predictions and uncertainty management. Roxar Software Solutions MD Kjetil Fagervik said, ‘Accurate, predictive reservoir models that realistically represent the underlying seismic data and that offer a seamless route from seismic to simulation are central to current efforts to improve oil and gas recovery. These are the underlying goals behind Roxar RMS 2012.’

The new release adds seismic inversion to blend high frequency well log data with band limited seismics. The resulting elastic parameters are used to condition facies and petrophysical properties which are displayed as ‘facies probability cubes.’ A new visualization toolkit enables modelers to create attributes that define reservoir structure and guide the facies modeling process. Opacity control and color manipulation capabilities are used to interpret rock properties, structural features and hydrocarbon accumulations.

A new field planning module optimizes well and pad location planning across multiple targets. These can include user defined constraints such as required for SAGD and shale gas ‘factory’ drilling. RMS 2012 operates on Linux 64-bit, Windows XP and the Vista 32 and 64-bit platforms, as well as Windows 7 64-bit. More from Roxar.

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