ULTRA Consortium kicks-off for shale gas flow prediction.

Spectraseis’ UltraSens 3 component array passes field test. CSM and CMG join consortium.

Business at Zurich, Switzerland headquartered Spectraseis is good with ‘high customer demand’ for its fracture monitoring solutions in North American unconventional plays. A new ‘UltraSense’ three-component recording array has been successfully used to record fracture data at 2000 meters below the surface.

A research partnership hosted by the Universities of Calgary and Alberta, the ‘Microseismicity Industry Consortium,’ is currently investigating low frequency, long-duration events. Spectraseis’ software accelerates full elastic wave-equation imaging and leverages Nvidia Fermi GPUs which provide ‘over an order of magnitude’ speed-up.

Spectraseis has also announced its ‘unconventional leading technology reservoir analysis’ (Ultra) joint industry project, a two-year program to develop tools and software for fluid flow predictions from fracture completions along with new standards for microseismic data. Initial partners are Chevron, the Colorado School of Mines and Calgary-based Computer Modelling Group.

Spectraseis reported a strong backlog of monitoring projects and a high utilization of equipment projected through Q4 2012, including a recently awarded $4 million surface survey for a major North American customer, the third contract with this client. Spectraseis has now engaged Simmons & Co. to advise on ‘strategic options to position the company for continued strong growth.’ More from Spectraseis.

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