More from the 2012 SMi E&P data conference

An ‘overflow’ from last month’s conference—Troika on tape and CDA on certification.

Jill Lewis (Troika) is on a ‘one woman mission’ to improve seismic data management so that we don’t run into the same problems time and time again. Note that many data managers have a limited knowledge of older tape formats. A lot of data is still on very old tapes. It is not necessarily bad. You don’t get sticktion in pre 1980 9 track tapes which were high quality. Lewis recommends a 10 year life cycle for any technology. The future is the IBM TS 1140, a 4TB tape capable of holding around 1 million 2D lines. 10TB tapes will be there real soon now and robots carry 2.5 exabytes of data. Lewis wonders why more QC isn’t done in the field. More from Troika.

CDA’s Malcolm Fleming observed that while oil companies have a hard time recognising the value of data, this is not true for spec seismic companies. PGS has $344million worth of data on its balance sheet. Fleming thinks we need to ‘professionalize’ data management and CDA, along with ECIM, OGP and PPDM are to do just that. These organizations are developing a competency map as the basis of a data managemen training program spanning well, seismic drilling, production, geospatial and reservoir. The draft competency framework for well data management is the first deliverable. The idea is to be application neutral i.e. no ‘load to Petrel.’ The idea is to develop a ‘Certified E&P Data Manager’ curriculum. BG, BP, Schlumberger, Shell and Total are on board. More from CDA.

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