‘Advantage’ special edition celebrates oil and gas simulation

ANSYS CFD and simulation management tools see take-up from Baker Hughes, Cognity, ODS.

Ansys has just published a special issue of its in-house magazine ‘Advantage’ dedicated to its simulation activity in the oil and gas vertical. Ansys advocates simulation-driven product development to evaluate multiple designs and predict real-life performance. Ansys sees simulation in oil and gas as extending from its current use in reservoir engineering and into the fields of drilling and completion.

One case history covers Baker Hughes’ use of a systems engineering approach to design ‘drone tools,’ unmanned rigs and sensors for high temperature formation evaluation. Baker Hughes is planning to deploy Ansys’ computational fluid dynamics CFD tool in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Ansys’ Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) is used to index, manage and track engineering models. Another client, Cognity is using the Ansys Workbench platform to design a steerable conductor providing real-time positioning information as it is pounded into the ground with 600 tons of force.

Lloyd’s Register’s ODS unit used Ansys to determine the cause of damaging vibrations and assessed new designs for offshore oil and gas equipment. Again, EKM is used to manage simulation results. Swift Technology Group uses the toolset to design its separators with full physics simulation of liquid sloshing behavior in separators secured to moving platforms. Simulation of a complex fluid behavior in a vertical cyclone vessel is now possible with high performance extensions to the base product.

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