Lynx’ Resource Portal ready for international operations

10 years in development, UKOGL portal now marketed to NOCs for licensing rounds.

UK-based Lynx Information Systems has announced the commercial release of its web-portal and data base management system, the Lynx Resource Portal (LRP). The LRP was originally developed for the UK’s onshore geophysical library (UKOGL) interface. Lynx designed and built the UKOGL portal which it has been operating since 1994. UKOGL is said to have contributed to the revival of UK onshore exploration by making oil and gas data accessible. Geoscientists can view seismic, geological and cultural data and make a selection of SEG-Y data for purchase. The LRP, developed over a 10 year period, is based on industry standard Oracle and ArcGIS Server technologies.

The LRP targets National Oil Companies wishing to launch exploration licensing rounds. The system can either be installed in-country on the NOC’s own servers, or on secure web-servers operated from Lynx’s offices in London and Houston. All the appropriate data - seismic, well and block data—plus background geology, documentation on licensing conditions, Petroleum Laws and Contracts - can be hosted and served to approved users in real time. More from Lynx.

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