Kongsberg, PGS develop Ramform training simulator

Kinect interface tracks trainee actions as streamers deploy in moving vessel.

Kongsberg Maritime has teamed with Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) to develop a seismic streamer deck operations training system (SSDOT), installed at Vestfold University College in Norway. The SSDOT is built around Kongsberg’s offshore vessel simulator engine which has been interfaced to Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensing device. Kinect tracks student’s movements and displays them in a realistic depiction of the streamer deck. Another device worn around the waist lets students operate the streamer winch. The simulator also models motion of a PGS Ramform Viking with an accurate hydrodynamic model and 3D hull design. Accurate model behavior is important for realistic winch operation in different sea conditions.

PGS VP Einar Nielsen explained, ‘Back-deck operations have been increasing in complexity over the years and personnel are getting less exposure to these critical operations, so we decided that simulator training was a natural step to ensure safety and efficiency.’ Each student station consists of three 65” TFT-LCD screens mounted vertically showing their simulated position on the streamer deck and the actions they are carrying out. More from PGS.

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