Accelrys Enterprise Platform for science R&D

Scientifically ‘aware’ service-oriented architecture targets data management, LIMS and simulation.

San Diego-based Accelrys has announced the Accelrys Enterprise Platform,(AEP) a ‘scientifically aware, service-oriented architecture for the integration and deployment of scientific solutions spanning data management and informatics, enterprise lab management, modeling, simulation and workflow automation.’ The AEP’s ‘science-enabled’ infrastructure, has its origins in the 2010 acquisition of Symyx, a provider scientific information management tools for scientists working in life sciences, chemicals and energy. The system targets organizations using atomic or molecular-scale modeling where a ‘productivity gap’ exists between innovation and commercialization.

The EAP blends Accelrys’ expertise in chemistry, biology and materials science, informatics, and electronic laboratory management. Both structured and unstructured information from ERP and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems are covered. Compliance with regulations from REACH and the EPA is also claimed as a driver for AEP deployment. One user is Halliburton researcher Jim Weaver who uses computational chemistry alongside experimentation to accelerate product development at Halliburton’s Duncan Research Center in Houston. Accelrys/Symyx’ chemicals and petroleum client base includes BP, Sinopec, and ExxonMobil. More from Accelrys.

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