Shell’s Goal Zero

Tibco Spotfire powers Shell’s ‘Goal Zero’ health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) effort. Shift from lagging to leading indicator monitoring.

Speaking at the 2012 Spotfire Energy Forum, Holly Soepono described Shell Upstream Americas’ HSSE goal as ‘zero harm to people and the environment.’ Not so easy when you consider that alongside its operations on offshore platforms and critical plants, Shell employees drive nearly 1.5 billion kilometers per year. In a drive to move from the analysis of lagging to leading indicators, Shell has abandoned its spreadsheet-based safety reporting system. A Spotfire Server has been linked to Shell’s Fountain incident management safety database. A Spotfire Web Player provides scheduled updates and an interactive analysis of safety trends.

The result is faster access to important safety data and a move from monthly reviews to continuous analysis. Safety data is now part of an ongoing dialog with staff. The system has been in widespread use within Shell since 2010. It is now easy to see the impact that the safety program has had, helping to justify ongoing investment and changing the way Shell leaders view safety data. This is an ‘active tool to manage safety process, not just another report to review.’ Soepono reports that Spotfire’s ease of use and the Web Player were key to take-up. More from

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