New Intel chip shines in tNavigator benchmark

Rock Flow Dynamics’ simulator sees performance double.

Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) reports trials of Intel’s new Xeon 2600 series of processors with its tNavigator fluid flow simulator. The new platform replaces the previous Intel Xeon 5600 series. RFD CTO Kirill Borgachev was invited to present tNavigator performance results using the new processors to the Intel launch forum in Moscow on March, 15. The tests showed a doubling of performance with the new processors over the previous platform. Tests compared new 8 core Xeon E5 2600 chips with a 12 core dual 5650 server. On test was a three phase black oil model with 2.4 million blocks and 10 years of history from 40 wells. The performance hike is attributed to fast cache, the NUMA architecture and tNavigator’s ‘parallel throughout’ implementation. More from

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