Honeywell’s upstream workflows

Microsoft Workflow Foundation extends Honeywell’s ‘Intuition’ to well test, performance monitoring.

Honeywell’s principal architect, Jay Funnell, has followed up on his introduction to the ‘Intuition’ semantic model (Oil ITJ February 2012) with another whitepaper on the Intuition ‘Executive,’ a workflow engine built on Microsoft’s workflow foundation (WF), a SharePoint component. Funnell begins with a rather lengthy explanation of what a workflow is, in general terms, and how the technique has been built into the Executive. The default SharePoint engine triggers a workflow when an item is added to a list, when a list entry is changed, or if it is manually invoked. The Intuition Executive event notifier takes this a step further, linking workflows to OPC UA events. Honeywell’s stream processor can register a data pattern which is used to generate an event. Honeywell has developed canned workflows for common tasks such as well test and well model validation, production surveillance, pressure transient analysis, pump performance monitoring and operations and maintenance activity. Read the whitepaper.

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