Software, hardware short takes

Austin Geo, Pegasus, Fugro, LMKR, OpenSpirit, Geomodeling, Petris, Neuralog, INT, Invensys.

Austin GeoModeling’s 4.2 Recon release adds horizontal well interpretation and an enhanced 2D seismic viewer.

The 2.1 release of Pegasus VertexCTEMP virtual circulating temperature gauge estimates wellbore circulating temperature in HPHT wells.

Fugro’s Van Oord unit is developing a ‘walking’ jack-up drilling rig that operates either in conventional, 4-legged mode, or as an 8-legged mobile platform for site investigations—1004.

LMKR’s GeoGraphix 2012 release adds integration between engineering and geosciences, 3D visualization of well, seismics and modeled surfaces and support for novel data types.

V4.0 of the Tibco/OpenSpirit runtime adds data connectors for Kingdom 8.7, EPOS 4.0, Petra 3.7.0 and OpenWorks R5000.3. Other enhancements include a process monitor, an installation configurator and .NET 4 support.

Geomodeling’s ReservoirStudio 5.0, available stand-alone or as a Petrel plug-in, uses built-in sedimentological rules to produce realistic geological models for complex depositional environments.

PetrisWINDS ZEH Plot Express now supports continuous log printing on Neuralog’s NeuraJet17 printer.

The 4.4 release of INTViewer supports deviated well log tracks in cross-section view, Matlab integration and grid data display.

The 2.1 release of Invensys Off-Sites’ tank farm and terminal operations management system enhances blend optimization and movement management and adds support for industrial handheld devices.

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