Wright Express ‘Octane’ fuel locator

Fleet operators get just-in-time price and location information on mobile devices.

Wright Express’ ‘Octane’ app for mobile devices provides fleet operators with a fuel site locator along with real time, transaction-based fuel prices and text-to-speech capabilities. Octane accesses a database of time-stamped transaction data to provide geo-located information on fueling locations and prices. Text-to-speech technology allows for hands-free operation, providing audio directions to the selected fueling site. Wright executive VP Dave Maxsimic said, ‘Drivers need to arrive at fuel sites safely and quickly while fleet operators are looking to save money by better managing fuel costs and consumption. Octane meets all these needs, underscoring our commitment to providing best-in-class fleet management tools.’

Octane also locates sites with alternative fuels, such as diesel, E85 and compressed natural gas. In times of adverse weather or power outage, a 24-hour transaction toggle shows the nearest site where fuel is still available. The app is available free for users of Wright’s payment solutions on both iPhone and Android mobile devices—More from Wright.

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