Ion wins in patent tussle with Sercel

Court rules out sale of digital seismic recording units in US—or does it?

Ion Geophysical reports a win in a patent battle with Sercel as the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed an earlier judgment that Sercel’s 408UL, 428XL, and SeaRay digital sensor units infringe Ion’s US Patent No. 5,852,242. The outcome is that Sercel continues to be prohibited from using or selling its sensors in the US.

CGG observes that the injunction only covers the Sercel digital sensor technology, is limited to the territory of the United States will remain in effect until the patent expires in December 2015. The injunction does not affect Sercel’s right to use or sell its technology in other parts of the world. According to CGG, the 408UL and 428XL recording systems are not covered by the injunction and can continue to be made, sold and used in the United States. An amount of $13 million will be included in Sercel Q4 2011 results to cover the $10.7 million amount plus interest. More from Ion and Sercel.

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