Schlumberger rolls-out InterACT log viewer app

New iPhone/iPad app displays well logs with compelling clarity.

Schlumberger’s Interact real time wireline data unit has released a log data browser for the Apple iPad/iPhone. Interact subscribers can access logs as soon as they are uploaded to the central Interact server and visualize time and depth logs with the traditional Sclumberger log display formats. We saw a demo of the app at the SPE Intelligent Energy event and the display is pretty compelling. The fully-featured composite log presentation is enhanced with various ‘smarts,’ a tap on the screen pops up track scales and data values.

The app also embeds the Interact user interface for navigating a log archive. User-defined presentation formats allow for scale change, zoom and addition of curves on the hoof. The app currently supports all measured-depth and time log curves. Security builds atop the existing Interact subscription along with the native Apple iOS4 device encryption. While using the app, multitasking features are disabled to ensure that all data is deleted on close. Schlumberger also has iPhone apps for drilling hydraulics calculations and for browsing its authoritative Oilfield Glossary. One wonders what the .NET folks over in the Petrel/Ocean department think of all this Apple app infidelity? Download the log viewer app from the Apple app store.

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