HotButton embeds Panopticon visualization in field data toolset

Energy field data analytics provides analytics dashboard for production, pipeline operations.

Calgary-based data field data collection specialist HotButton has selected Panopticon’s real-time monitoring and analysis dashboard for its new energy field data analytics (EFDA) system. HotButton utilizes the Panopticon 5.9 release to deliver data visualizations including tree maps, heat maps and scatter plots along with data connectors for business intelligence applications. Field data is collected on a device-independent SD Card providing resilience in the event of device failure. The fusion of Panopticon’s data visualization technology allows field workers to monitor and analyze production data, flow data in refineries and pipelines. HotButton claims that Panopticon’s time series and Treemap visualizations are useful in spotting anomalies in production and environmental data and to track equipment operating performance.

HotButton president and CEO Jane Glendon said, ‘We selected Panopticon after extensive technical testing. The data intelligence products are well designed and facilitate visual analysis, particularly of large volumes dynamic data. Tabular reports at the end of a shift are no longer adequate for optimal operational and safety performance.’ HotButton’s core technology, ArrowSync, is embedded in third party applications such as Petris’ Field-Pro/Production Access as a data collection front end for production reporting. More from HotButton and Panopticon.

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