New hazardous materials rules ‘disruptive’

IHS recommends alignment of business and information systems with new OSHA classification

The globally harmonized system of classification and labeling (GHS) will become the hazard communication standard (HCS) of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) later this month. IHS director of EHS and sustainability products Jeff Ladner explained, ‘When the final rule is published, we will update our Product Stewardship Solution and our managed regulatory content. Clients can incorporate GHS into business processes to reduce risk and costs.’

GHS promotes uniform standards for authoring, labeling and document creation in more than 30 countries, and has enabled businesses in those jurisdictions to reduce risk exposure and enhance workplace safety. IHS recommends that companies treat GHS as a ‘strategic operational concern,’ not a regulatory matter. GHS will require a level of detail and precision that ‘exceeds the capability of manual processes, legacy systems and spreadsheets.’ IHS advises use of robust information management solutions for hazard communication. More from

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