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ALRDC—h-well lift. CMR and offshore decommissioning, UK/Norway EOR mentoring. TNO/ISAPP2.

The artificial lift R&D council (ALRDC) is forming an industry consortium to advance artificial lift in horizontal wells. Note that the ALRDC’s recommended practices are ‘not necessarily recommend’ by the ALRDC! The consortium will be led by the University of Tulsa.

Lutelandet Offshore and Christian Michelsen Research are inviting interested parties to join a consortium to establish environmentally sound technology for decommissioning of offshore installations. The initiative came out of a report from Norway’s climate and pollution agency on ‘Decommissioning of offshore installations’ which forecasts a steep increase in decommissioning around 2020 when some 200,000 tonnes of steel a year will need to be dismantled and recycled.

The UK Decc and Norwegian Insok and petroleum directorate have announced the fourth UK/Norway cross-border business to business mentoring program. This year the program has an enhanced recovery focus and sets out to ‘match operators and large contractors with small and medium sized companies in the reciprocal country.’ Mentors include Statoil, GDF SUEZ, ConocoPhillips and Aker Solutions along with several UK companies.

TNO has announced the second phase of its integrated system approach to petroleum production (ISAPP). The project centers on history matching using an ensemble Kalman filter, integrated with JOA’s JewelSuite and CMG’s simulation tools. TNO is inviting interested companies to participate in ISAPP2 with the goal of ‘increasing oilfield recovery by 10% or more.’

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