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U Texas on ‘reproducible’ seismic research. AIPN announces new model joint operating agreement. Energistics infrastructure team selects Microsoft’s ‘open’ packaging convention.

A paper by Karl Schleiche of the University of Texas at Austin describes how to process an internet downloadable 2D land line data set with Seismic Unix. The paper is the beginning of an effort to build a open data/open source library for ‘reproducible’ research, software testing, demonstrations, and user training.

The association of international petroleum negotiators (AIPN) has published the 2012 version of its model joint operating agreement—the fruit of four years of drafting by 180 industry representatives from five continents. First published in 1990, the AIPN’s JOA is claimed to be the most widely used JOA in the upstream.

Energistics’ infrastructure team is to developing a specification for packaging and archiving models using Microsoft’s ‘open’ packaging convention. The Resqml schema will be split into a set of independent schema and properties and packaging recommendations will be issued to the Witsml and Prodml special interest groups. The latter teams are also working on a completion object for synchronizing data across drilling systems, well surveillance systems and nodal analysis.

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