Standards council

Nine standards bodies meet to form ‘Leadership Council’ and map future of upstream data. Sample use case—WITSML to PPDM mapping.

At a Baker Hughes-hosted meet in Houston this month, C-level execs from eight standards bodies met to form the ‘Standards Leadership Council’ (SLC), which sets out to ‘enhance collaboration on standards for the benefit of industry.’ Participants hailed from Energistics, PPDM, PIDX, Open Geospatial Consortium, OPC Foundation, PODS, POSC Caesar and MIMOSA. The SLC plans to identify areas of intersection, to avoid duplication of effort and to determine business value metrics for standards adoption, enhancing membership benefits and maintaining financial sustain-ability.

Hess’ Fred Kunzinger commented ‘As an operator, it’s difficult to comply with standards from so many separate organizations. We hope that the SLC will provide strategies that use industry standards to their maximum potential.’ The SLC also received endorsement from BP. Oil IT Journal understands that one initial use case for the SLC will be mapping between WITSML and the PPDM data model. It will be interesting to see how long it takes the SLC to achieve this compared to similar ‘commercial’ work by PointCross and others (see this month’s lead). Next meeting of the SLC is slotted for November in Oslo, Norway. More from Energistics.

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