Going, going, green

Aker’s CCS unit sells low. Green Grid/eBay. Hess Energy Solutions. EPA/ICF deal. UK CCS prize.

Aker Solutions has taken full ownership of its Clean Carbon unit and is to build on its CO2 technology strengths in particular at Norway’s Mongstad testbed. Aker CTO Åsmund Bøe commented, ‘The commercial market for full scale Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is further away than was expected a few years ago.’ Cost of the 50% stake was NOK 0 (zero) plus a share in earnings over the next 10 years.

The Green Grid, a consortium of companies, government agencies and educational institutions reports a ‘breakthrough’ in energy efficiency at ‘Project Mercury,’ eBay’s new data center in Phoenix, Arizona. The Green Grid’s ‘power usage effectiveness metric’ and ‘data center maturity model’ guided the design and build of the ‘tens of thousands’ of servers.

Hess Corp has launched Hess Energy Solutions, offering comprehensive energy services for commercial, industrial and institutional customers. The unit uses real-time control and monitoring systems to manage energy-consuming and energy-producing assets (1703).

Honeywell’s ‘Attune’ advisory services (AAS) combine cloud-based tools and analytics with a network of operations centers and expertise in energy management in buildings and facilities. AAS translates facility information into actions that deliver ‘energy, operational and environmental outcomes’ (1704).

The US EPA’s office of transportation and air quality (OTAQ) has awarded a five year $15 million contract to consultants ICF International for analytical and modeling support in the evaluation of mobile greenhouse gas sources, pollutants and air toxics.

The UK government has put up £20 million in prize money for innovations in CCS technology—complementing the £1 billion ‘already committed’ to CCS in the UK.

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