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AVS, Hampson-Russell, GPlates, IDS, INT, HRH Geology, Headwave, GE, GEMI, ApsenTech.

New features in AVS/Express 8.0—more. AVS/OpenViz 3.0 adds big data and in-memory analytics—more.

CGGVeritas’ Hampson-Russell unit has released HRS-9 with a common interface and data management across all modules. User-customizable workflows connect the historically separate applications. Multi-threaded 64-bit computing supports multiple CPU cores—more.

The new 1.2 release of GPlates from Sydney University, CalTech and the Norwegian Geological Survey represents the motions of tectonic plates through geological time. The software is a free download.

IDS’ VisNet2.0, a web-based drilling data dashboard is enhanced with data manipulation tools, formulae and dataset enhancement providing multiple views of data. IDS also released TourNet2 with bi-directional WITSML capabilities—IDS.

The 3.2 release of INT’s log and seismic viewers facilitates web-based visualization and data QC along with support for DLIS in Atlas TIFF, SEG-D, CSEG-Y and streaming CGM files—INT.

HRH Geology has announced ‘Spectra,’ a mass spectrometry service for wellsite formation fluid analysis—HRH.

The latest release of Headwave’s eponymous seismic toolset performs on-the-fly pre-/poststack conditioning. New AVO crossplots use color blending to label anomalies. Headwave works alongside Schlumberger’s Petrel—Headwave.

GE’s SmartSignal Shield 4.0 for oil and gas detects faults in large equipment, providing early warning of impending equipment problems. Shield 4.0 was developed by mining a ‘blind’ data set of customer data, millions of machine hours and tens of thousands of failures from 12,000 assets—GE.

The global environmental management initiative (GEMI) has released a ‘local water tool’ (LWT) and an LWT for oil and gas. The LWTs provide best practices and water risk assessment for sustainable water management. GEMI worked with IPIECA, the global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues, on the LWT development—GEMI.

AspenTech’s Aspen Plus now represents an integrated simulation environment for users of AspenOne process engineering products including a comprehensive physical properties database, a capital cost estimator and heat exchanger design tools—AspenTech.

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