Digital flume tank captures reservoir continuity, heterogeneity

Geovariances Flumy—improved history matching with geostatistically-driven channel modeling.

If you are a geologist or engineer, chances are that you at some time in your education watched sand and silt being swashed around in a flume tank. French geostatistics specialist Geovariances is now offering an opportunity to manufacture sedimentary bodies digitally with ‘Flumy,’ a new geological modeler for meandering channelized systems. Current approaches to geological modeling fail to reproduce depositional heterogeneity and sand body continuity. Flumy is claimed to faithfully capture reservoir continuity and heterogeneity, making for more accurate flow simulation and history matching.

Flumy’s geological concept driven algorithm combines stochastic and process-based approaches, using geological parameters derived from logs and a priori knowledge of the depositional environment. Forward modeling incorporates channel migration and erosional truncation. Sedimentary bodies such as point bars, mud plugs and crevasse splays are generated. Models can be quality controlled as they are created with Isatis’ 3D Viewer. Flumy originated in research at the Paris School of Mines and is a complement to Isatis’ multi-point statistics and pluri-Gaussian simulators. More from Geovariances.

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