Authentix partners with SGS on fuel marking program

‘Nano-scale’ engineering foils tax fraudsters—$11 billion lost revenue avoided for clients.

Dallas-based Authentix, a provider of fuel marking ‘authentication’ has renewed a partnership with SGS Group for an ongoing integrity program in the republic of Senegal. The fuel marking program is helping the Senegal government recover tax money that would have otherwise been lost to fuel fraud, while assuring fuel quality.

Authentix provides ‘nano-scale engineering,’ and cutting-edge sensors. Known adulterants such as kerosene and other low tax fuels are often used to adulterate legal tax paid fuels. Authentix combats such activity by adding its markers to such likely adulterants. Proprietary testing technology is used to determine if fuel has been adulterated.

The company claims to have helped recover $11 billion in lost revenue for its clients. SGS provides inspection and certification services from a network of 1,250 offices and laboratories around the world. More from Authentix and SGS Group.

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