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iRINGToday announced. CEN’s e-Business interoperability testbed. Energistics’ PRODML ramps-up. OGC gazetteer best practices released. WaterML 2.0 up for review.

A Bentley Systems-sponsored site ‘iRINGToday’ promises to cover the latest developments, news, and events surrounding ISO 15926 and iRING—more.

CEN, the European Committee for Standardization has announced a framework for testing e-business standards. The Global e-Business Interoperability Test Bed, launched in 2007, has developed a comprehensive testing framework to assess e-business applications in terms of their compliance with standards and interoperability. Project partners include industry and technology stakeholders from Europe, Asia and North America including NIST—more.

Energistics reports that its PRODML protocol is ‘ramping up.’ The 2.1 release adds a business overview, centralized documentation and other enhancement such as support for wireline formation tests, productivity index elements and a ‘relative identifier’ for internal facility parameters—more.

The Open Geospatial Consortium has released a set of best practices for sharing geographic names. The OGC Gazetteer Service Best Practice specifies a web feature service that serves a geography markup language schema based on the ISO 19112 information model. This exposes the gazetteer for access and update of geographic features across the web. Inter alia, the USGS has used the protocol. The best practice is available for review.

The OCG is also asking for public comment on its WaterML 2.0 time series encoding standard. WaterML is used in the representation of hydrological observations and is the fruit of international cooperation between hydrological and government agencies, software providers, universities and research organizations from Australia, the USA, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries. Review the spec on the OGC website.

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