Complexity management

Ontonix’ ‘complexity quantification’ (a.k.a. risk management) technology now embeds Altair’s Hyperworks engineering design platform.

Engineering design software house Altair is offering users of its Hyperworks platform access to a ‘complexity quantification and management system’ provided by Como, Italy-based Ontonix. OntoNet will be available via Altair’s HyperWorks partner alliance (HWPA). Ontonix founder and CTO Jacek Marczyk observed, ‘High complexity makes for inefficient design. Our technology lets engineers conceive new solutions while quantifying and managing the associated risks.’

In a separate announcement, Ontonix has applied its real time complexity monitoring solution to process refinery sensor data and produce a ‘single holistic KPI used to anticipate compressor faults.’ A formula established by Ontonix proposes that the product of complexity and uncertainty in a system equates to ‘fragility.’ Such fragility may appear in a process, plant or indeed in the economy at large.

Ontologix has applied its fortune telling technology to forecast the ‘dissolution’ of the Euro in Q3 2013 and the ‘demise’ of the US in 2018. Altair clients include AMEC, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, Landmark, Petrobras, Schlumberger, Shell and Technip. More ‘complexity,’ risk and interminable blogging from Ontonix. More on Hyperworks from Altair.

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