Failsafe Controls and Kepware repatriate client’s process control

Kepware OPC Connectivity Suite links 1,800 locations across North America to OPC-UA server.

Oilfield automation service provider Failsafe Controls has deployed OPC-UA-based technology from Kepware on an unnamed oil and gas production company’s major project. The client had decided to repatriate a previously outsourced process control and data acquisition operation to an in-house solution. The move stemmed from a desire to ‘empower teams with the ability to recognize trends, identify problems and optimize production.’ Cost saving was also a factor. The project covered 1,800 well sites and about 120,000 I/O points throughout North America.

Failsafe developed a web-based application that provided bi-directional access to data in the client’s SCADA system. Data sharing was enabled using the new OPC UA cross-platform, service-oriented architecture. Kepware’s OPC Connectivity Suite was deployed as an OPC UA wrapper to ‘vanilla’ OPC servers. Failsafe’s Albert Lambert said, ‘The ease of collecting the data through Kepware was a key factor in winning this bid.’ Inductive Automation’s ‘Ignition’ SCADA system was another key piece of the puzzle offering ‘no-install’ clients, database connectivity and a commercial OPC UA server. The customer uses utilizes ABB Totalflow and Bristol Babcock flow computers to monitor gas/liquid flow rates, pressures and temperatures. All of the company’s devices now communicate with historians, Ignition, and other OPC-enabled applications and devices. More from

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