IHS and OSIsoft team on enterprise sustainability

Real time data meets ‘environmental, health and safety & sustainability.’

IHS and OSIsoft have announced a strategic alliance to help clients achieve their sustainability goals. The deal targets ‘surging’ global demand for data collection, integration and information management solutions focused on enterprise sustainability management (ESM). OSIsoft president Bernard Morneau said, ‘Organizations are under pressure to make informed decisions affecting the sustainability of their business. IHS offers a flexible combination of software and content that will help clients address these new business imperatives.’

Currently, ESM challenges are addressed with ‘with disparate manual processes, spreadsheets and one-off legacy systems.’ These are failing to aggregate today’s increased data volumes. IHS senior VP sustainability Woody Ritchey added, ‘Clients need to leverage real-time process and event data. We have integrated OSIsoft’s enterprise-wide data collection and archiving solution with our applications to make sustainability an essential part of their business.’ The announcement cites one Asian utility using IHS and OSIsoft solution to process five million real-time records per month along with ‘vast quantities’ of historic data, tuning production to fuel inventory, demand forecast and environmental impact. More from OSIsoft and IHS.

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