IHS Connect—single point of data delivery

Customizable new portal acts as GIS-based front end to corporate subscriptions.

IHS has announced IHS Connect, a new online front end to its ‘intellectual wealth and thought leadership’ resources a.k.a. ‘data.’ IHS Connect targets upstream oil and gas professionals, including strategic planners, analysts, economists and new business developers. The Connect platform is a new single point of delivery for IHS’ data and consulting services. IHS Connect Oil and Gas integrates IHS’ products and services into a single dashboard view, providing ‘seamless access’ to combined content from the whole gamut of IHS’ services. Connect promises subscription content aggregation in a customizable dashboard providing navigation, search, GIS-based display and ‘streamlined workflows.’

Following years of acquisitions, IHS occupies a strategic position in upstream information supply. Sub units include legacy PI/Dwights US well data, Petroconsultants’ international datasets, Cambridge Energy Research Associates and others. Most recently the company has expanded into interpretation software with the acquisition of Seismic Micro Technology. More from IHS.

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