Aker opens high-end drilling simulator in Houston

$2.5 million training facility houses ‘mathematically correct’ models of drilling rigs.

Aker Solutions has opened a new drilling equipment simulator in Houston to provide offshore rig operators with safety and drilling efficiency training. The $2.5 million ‘state-of-the-art’ facility doubles the capacity of Aker’s Katy-based training center. The technology behind the simulator is supplied by Aker’s Performance Technology Center (PTC) unit, formerly First Interactive. PTC’s X-Factor tools include ‘mathematically correct’ models of rigs along with visionarium-type virtual reality environments.

Aker’s Glenn Ellis said, ‘Realistic, real-time visualization of drilling operations enables rig operators to make better and faster decisions. The result is safer operations, more efficient drilling and increased rig uptime.’ The new 9,800 square foot training center includes a 240° domed screen and real drilling control systems software. Commercial rigs are ‘meticulously’ recreated as a virtual asset, including equipment and control systems. Some 88 servers power dual simultaneous simulations. Aker also operates simulators in Brazil, Singapore, Norway and South Korea and, real soon now, in Baku, Azerbaijan. More from Aker.

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